Palladium: $861.73 -1.27
PLG-NYSE MKT: $0.79 +0.00
Platinum: $926.20 -7.30
PTM-TSX: $0.99 +0.00

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. takes its responsibilities to its shareholders, employees, communities and government seriously. We look for best value in everything we do for our shareholders. We strive to create a safe and positive working environment for our employees. We work hard to be a good neighbor in the communities where we live and work and we endeavour steadfastly to comply with all laws and regulations including environmental standards.

We have built our first mine within the updated costs we projected and we have fostered a climate of treating the Company’s money like it is our own. We have had a good safety record over the past few years and we remain vigilant to improve our safety, constantly. We have worked hard beyond the requirements of our Social and Labour Plan, (SLP) with the government of South Africa to build houses for destitute families where there was an urgent need. We have sponsored businesses and provide transport to hospitals as required in our SLP. Beyond our SLP, we have been involved in sports and lifestyle training in dozens of local schools. We have invited regulatory inspection actively to assist us in being safer and as in line as possible with regulatory compliance.

Most importantly we continue to reinforce and improve a corporate culture of mutual respect, scientific innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.