Palladium: $1,094.35 -6.65
PLG-NYSE MKT: $0.54 +0.00
Platinum: $997.00 -4.95
PTM-TSX: $0.67 -0.03

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Corporate Vision

The mining business is cyclical and we believe that metal prices have gone below the marginal cost of production for most of the PGM industry. We see the opportunity to be in production during a market rebound and have cash flow to grow the large Waterberg Discovery. We see platinum and palladium as essential in the modern economy with growing demand. We see growing automobile demand worldwide. We see continued demand for more fuel efficient automobiles including diesel vehicles using platinum catalysts. We see shrinking platinum supply from deep, older mines. We see increased safety requirements for all mines. We see opportunity and we strive to establish cost competitive production.