Palladium: $1,867.37 +5.15
PLG-NYSE MKT: $2.03 +0.11
Platinum: $944.84 +2.29
PTM-TSX: $2.57 +0.12

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Corporate Governance

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. is committed to the highest standards of legal and ethical business conduct. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics summarizes the legal, ethical and regulatory standards that we follow to promote integrity and deter wrongdoing and is a reminder to our directors, officers and employees of the seriousness of that commitment. Compliance with this Code and high standards of business conduct is mandatory for every director, officer and employee of the Corporation or any of its subsidiaries.

Incorporation and Articles

Chair of the Board Position Description

Board of Directors Mandate

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee Charter

Governance and Nomination Committee Charter

Environmental, Health, Safety & Technical Committee Charter

Whistleblower Policy

Advance Notice Policy

Majority Voting Policy

Clawback Policy

NYSE American Corporate Governance Disclaimer

In addition to our formal policies on internal controls and governance we make some simple concepts part of our everyday practice and conversations including:

  1. Operate Safely
  2. Make a good return on our shareholders investment
  3. Be a good neighbour in the areas and communities that we operate
  4. Communicate and deal honestly and fairly in a climate of mutual respect
  5. Spend the Company’s money like it was your own and look for best value in everything that we do
  6. Find more platinum, palladium rhodium and gold to add value

Important South African documents


PTM RSA Privacy Notice and Informed Consent Vendors

Waterberg Social & Labour Plan